FAQ (Frequently asked questions)

Where can I stay? 

We operate an Airbnb adjacent to our shop for the most convenient stay possible. You can book it by visiting https://airbnb.com/h/crystalcabinmtida

We are located about 45 minutes from Hot Springs, which has plenty of hotels to stay at. For a closer stay, there are two nice resorts situated on Lake Ouachita about 15 minutes from our shop.

Mountain Harbor Resort: https://www.mountainharborresort.com/lodging/

Shangri La Resort: https://www.shangrilaresortar.net/


What do I need to do to dig?

Before you head up the mountain to dig, you need to to stop by the Rock Shop to sign a waiver and get your mining permit for the day

Shop Address: 11 Logan Gap Rd, Mount Ida, AR 71957 Phone number: (870) 985-9988. The public dig is closed on Mondays.


What can I find while digging?

The only substantial mineral that will be found at our public and pocket digs is clear quartz. We do not have any mining options other than quartz crystals open to the public.


Do I keep everything I find?

You keep everything you find at our public dig, but not with our pocket digs. Click on our Mine your own crystals page to learn more.


Do you provide tools?

We provide tools for pocket digs only. For the public dig, tool sets can be bought at the shop. (Or bring your own!)


Can I bring my dog up to the public dig?

Yes, you can bring your dog. Dogs must be leashed at all times. Please keep an eye on your dog and be mindful of others. Dog owners who do not contain their dogs will be asked to leave.


Is there a bathroom at your public dig?

Yes, there are portable toilets facilities located at the dig site and a plumbed bathroom at our shop available to use before you go up!


How can I purchase crystals for wholesale online? 

To start a wholesale account with us, please sign up here. If you have already signed up for an online account or subscribed to our email list, send your credentials to us at avantfishermountain@gmail.com so we can convert your current account to a wholesale account.

We only sell crystals at wholesale to approved businesses with a valid Tax-ID number. By participating in our wholesale program and purchasing products tax-free, you agree that your business will charge sales tax at the final sale of the item to the consumer. Avant Mining and its subsidiaries are not liable if sales tax is not charged by your business.