FAQ (Frequently asked questions)

Where can I stay? 

Mountain Harbor Resort: https://www.mountainharborresort.com/lodging/

Shangri La Resort: https://www.shangrilaresortar.net/


What do I need to do to dig?

You need to sign a waiver to get your mining permit for the day at Fisher Mountain Rock Shop. Address: 11 Logan Gap Rd, Mt Ida, AR 71957 Phone number: (870) 985-9988. The public dig is closed on Mondays.


Do I keep everything I find?

You keep everything you find at our public dig, but not with our pocket digs. Click on our Mine your own crystals page to learn more.


Do you provide tools?

We do not currently provide tools, you must bring your own. 


Can I bring my dog up to the public dig?

Yes, you can bring your dog. Please keep an eye on your dog and be mindful of others.


Is there a bathroom at your public dig?

Yes, there is a bathroom.